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Think Pink


Line Up! Line Up!


Messy, natural rainforest is beautiful and relaxing. But I do love a line of big trees!

Natural Arch

natural bridge









I’ve been far too long in the city.  There is something about being  in a living landscape that makes all right again with the world.

The Echidna’s Playpen


It might not actually be that.  It could be for yowies.  :D

Refresh Me!

Curtis falls, Mt Tambourine.

Rainforest sights are soul nurturing.

(okay, NOT the leeches and ticks, but they are such a tiny percentage of the landscape! :P )

Cool, Green, Leafy, Wet…


I love the rainforest!

Softly, Softly..

It rained a few days previous to our girls weekend adventure at Mt Tamborine.  The faint hearted among my friends refused to walk to Curtis Falls with me because of the increased likelihood of being eaten up by leeches on the way.  Leeches are gross.  Ticks are not much nicer, and there was a sign warning of them (as if you can see and avoid!) at the start of the walk.

But Bloggy friends, it was worth the risk. (I can say that with a sense of the cavalier now that I have come through the ordeal unscathed by any blood sucking parasites… )

Life is richer for seeing a waterfall.  :-)

…and you can always carry salt :D

Follow the Path

A line of trees is a bit like an old building, or.. old letters, or.. any of those other things I can’t go past.  No idea why I like them, I just do.

Strangler Fig

Today, our New Year’s Day, was delicious.

Bowl of cherries for brekker.  (Could only be improved by the addition of some King Island Dairy triple brie.. but you can’t have everything.)

A trip to Springbrook National Park to see the natural arch.  (Here, it most definitely would have been improved if I’d brought my tripod, and someone to carry it!  Must have groaned over not having it about.. oh.. a hundred times.)

Being in the Gold Coast vicinity, we hit the beach.  About half an hour of the beach completely fulfils my beachy needs, and I left Mr BB and the crowd, to read my non-school fluffy chic lit  book and eat slightly melty Lindt.

That, bloggy friends, is a perfect start to the year.

Hope yours is as glorious. :D


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