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Onward to the Fairytale City

St James Park view from the bridge copy

And then she said…

And she said...

I walked past this scene when wandering Prague.  It made me smile at the time because the girl looks such a little woman, and the boy looks patiently resigned to her conversation.


Think Pink


Listening in.

tawny frogmouth

Maybe they were thinking out loud.  Or perhaps discussing what to have for dinner.   Tawny frogmouth noises are just right to listen to.

Hello Little Puffy Tail..

Brush-tailedPhascogale copy
This is fairly ordinary as far as photographs go…  But the subject!!
Have you ever seen a Brush-tailed Phascogale in the wild?  (Probably not, right? They are nocturnal AND listed as threatened.)  Tonight was a first for me.  Considering how many years I’ve explored the bush pointing lights and cameras at nocturnal creatures without ever meeting a Phascogale, it’s staggering that I saw two.  Yes.  Two in one night.  I can only hope they found each other.

Oh.  And if you think I am excited about something that looks much like a rat or mouse, see the apparent black break in the tree limb behind him?  It’s actually his super-fluffy tail!  Cute as pie.

Line Up! Line Up!


Messy, natural rainforest is beautiful and relaxing. But I do love a line of big trees!

The Invitation

rustic chair

Muse here.


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