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Australian fauna

Don’t run on the beach.

IMG_8529 copy

That’s the message from the wildlife rangers on Fraser Island. Running on the beach triggers the chasing instinct in dingoes, (that’s the chase, hunt down, and eat, instinct) and you’d be surprised just how often you find you need to run on the beach when you aren’t supposed to.


Where’s Wally?

water dragon



It was a very hot day.  If I were a water dragon, I’d be hanging out in the pond too.





Picnic crasher!


Park at the front


Hello Little Puffy Tail..

Brush-tailedPhascogale copy
This is fairly ordinary as far as photographs go…  But the subject!!
Have you ever seen a Brush-tailed Phascogale in the wild?  (Probably not, right? They are nocturnal AND listed as threatened.)  Tonight was a first for me.  Considering how many years I’ve explored the bush pointing lights and cameras at nocturnal creatures without ever meeting a Phascogale, it’s staggering that I saw two.  Yes.  Two in one night.  I can only hope they found each other.

Oh.  And if you think I am excited about something that looks much like a rat or mouse, see the apparent black break in the tree limb behind him?  It’s actually his super-fluffy tail!  Cute as pie.




One Big Lizard

Who’s at Home?

It’s a possum.

He’s right where he belongs*.

He is in an old termite nest, high in a gum tree.  Last year it contained nesting kookaburras.  I dearly wanted to peek in then, never having seen baby kookaburras, but kookaburras have deadly beaks.

The possum, however, could be mild-mannered.  So I dragged, with the help of my intrepid mother, an extension ladder across the paddock at her house.  She very bravely tried to steady the ladder while I attempted the necessary acrobatics to get a shot using manual focus – which of course means no hands on the ladder.  It is a very wavery business when you are at the upper limit of a tall ladder, and the ground is a long, long way away.

After I took the shot, I told my Mama that I was going to try to touch the bundle of fur facing me.  I had no idea how it would respond, so gave Ma strict instructions that should the camera and I come tumbling down in a hurry from our great height, she was to catch the camera.  Being the sage woman she is, she told me in her most enduringly patient mother voice that it would make more sense to pass the camera back down before bearding the possum in his den.  Mothers are so practical.  🙂

The possum took the petting with good graces.  I’ve always asserted that possums are very high on cute factor.**

*By definition, “belongs” means anywhere but my ceiling!

** When they are not living, or worse, dead, in my ceiling.

Koala Love


Here’s something cute;  it’s wildlife with no stinky story attached.

Strictly outdoors.

Never to come indoors.


Bearded Dragon

He was an unwilling guest at afternoon tea.  Knowing that nature study is a part of our school program, our friends hosted this fellow until we came over to visit.  It’s sweet and lovely to have friends who will handle prickly reptiles for you.