A few of my favourite things..


I know what you’re thinking..

IMG_6508 copy


That it’s part of a really, really, tricky slalom course for canoes.

It’s not.

It’s (ahem) … art.

Because a glorious lake setting at Noosa needs a red thing – oh, pardon, a “Reflective Temple”, to improve it.


Eventide clouds

cloud copy


Onward to the Fairytale City

St James Park view from the bridge copy

A Bad Mix





There are guppies swimming in the transit centre, in the middle of the city.  (Which is preferable to a bull shark, or a plague of snakes…)

Blue Skies

It seems incongruous that it’s hot and sunny today.   One third of the city is under water, people’s belongings are floating in the streets, but it’s hot and sunny.  Thank God for small mercies.

Hazy Layers


Queenstown Sunrise

queenstown sunrise

Sunrise in the City

sunrise in the city

I’m not often outside at sunrise, but I was chasing a bird.  I missed the bird, but the sunrise was pretty =)