A few of my favourite things..



IMG_3186 copy

Mr Redshirt is not buying it.


After the Dance


And then she said…

And she said...

I walked past this scene when wandering Prague.  It made me smile at the time because the girl looks such a little woman, and the boy looks patiently resigned to her conversation.


Think Pink


I’m warning you….


Don’t you be snickering at my stripy sheet, right?!

to beg copy

C’mon, then.  Can’t you be giving us a bit of something to eat?

Inner Sanctum


Missed the focus.  Kicking myself as I loved this shot.

Coffee, anyone?








It was supper time..

If There Were Mermaids..

they’d have eyes like these…

What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

It’s really Mr BB, of course, but he has his wolfish moments.

We spent Saturday at a Regency Garden Party and Grand Spring Ball.  (Yes! Another! 😀  Girly followers will be able to read about it on Beyondbluestockings..um… eventually.)


And this one is for my little friend, SK: my daughter,  the same age as you. 🙂







It’s Here!

Happy Spring, bloggy friends! 😀