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And then she said…

And she said...

I walked past this scene when wandering Prague.  It made me smile at the time because the girl looks such a little woman, and the boy looks patiently resigned to her conversation.


I’m warning you….


Don’t you be snickering at my stripy sheet, right?!

to beg copy

C’mon, then.  Can’t you be giving us a bit of something to eat?


haybale races


Something strikes me as delightfully Winnie-the-Pooh-ish about this scene.


It’s Here!

Happy Spring, bloggy friends! 😀

Incognito Tea Drinking

The art of drinking tea is clearly acquired, rather than innate. Because I can assure you that neither of the mothers of these two petals drink tea in quite this fashion.

Docs… with a Spring Flavour

There is nothing like a little floral accent to express the season’s playfulness…


baby at the beach

Oblivious to the incoming tide, Blossy hunts up her now sandy, spilled sultanas.


brown hat girl

It’s the Irish Chicklette.  She was building sandcastles on the beach, but the endeavour was hampered considerably by Miss Baby, who would go poking her fingers into them as fast as they were built.

The Farmer’s Magic

holding the afternoon sunshine

What makes an honest farming man such a hit with the girls?

the gosling

Why, he holds a fresh, velvety gosling, of course!  Irresistable!

Just Beachy

girls at the beach