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Don’t run on the beach.

IMG_8529 copy

That’s the message from the wildlife rangers on Fraser Island. Running on the beach triggers the chasing instinct in dingoes, (that’s the chase, hunt down, and eat, instinct) and you’d be surprised just how often you find you need to run on the beach when you aren’t supposed to.


Do trees dance?

IMG_7361 copy

These two seem to whisper, “Yes“.

I know what you’re thinking..

IMG_6508 copy


That it’s part of a really, really, tricky slalom course for canoes.

It’s not.

It’s (ahem) … art.

Because a glorious lake setting at Noosa needs a red thing – oh, pardon, a “Reflective Temple”, to improve it.


Sing. Sing Out Loud..

sing copy

Taking Nature Study..

naturestudy copy



Hello Polly :-)


Where’s Wally?

water dragon



It was a very hot day.  If I were a water dragon, I’d be hanging out in the pond too.





Picnic crasher!

The Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Shoppe

gumnuts copy



I like how these gumnuts look.. surprised. 🙂

Rainbow Exits the Building

rainbowlorrikeet copy



They have the perfect camouflage.  Their bright colours look stark against this tree while leaving the nest, but when they are feeding in noisy groups it is quite hard to distinguish them.  The bright orange mimics the sunlight filtering through the leaves, the blue melts into the shadows of the underside of the leaves, and the green blends with the overall foliage.