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Don’t run on the beach.

IMG_8529 copy

That’s the message from the wildlife rangers on Fraser Island. Running on the beach triggers the chasing instinct in dingoes, (that’s the chase, hunt down, and eat, instinct) and you’d be surprised just how often you find you need to run on the beach when you aren’t supposed to.


SS Maheno



Weirdly, the tiles on the bathroom floor are still intact.

I know what you’re thinking..

IMG_6508 copy


That it’s part of a really, really, tricky slalom course for canoes.

It’s not.

It’s (ahem) … art.

Because a glorious lake setting at Noosa needs a red thing – oh, pardon, a “Reflective Temple”, to improve it.

Bide with me

Bide with me

Line Up! Line Up!


Messy, natural rainforest is beautiful and relaxing. But I do love a line of big trees!

Natural Arch

natural bridge





Surfing is a tricky business.

Surfing is hard work.


Thinking Chair

the thinking chair



gum tree flood
I’ve come to dislike that word a great deal.
In the midst of so many more important matters, I can’t help thinking of the koalas. Perhaps it hurts less than if I think about the people.


The Echidna’s Playpen


It might not actually be that.  It could be for yowies.  😀