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Chook chook chooky…


Why? Because when I go to another country, I need to see if the chickens look the same.


Red Dog


Morning light

morning light

Leaving somewhere full of memories and starting again hurts. But it makes room for new chapters of your life. New adventures. Heigh-ho!

The Casual Approach to Parking.





Inner Sanctum


Missed the focus.  Kicking myself as I loved this shot.


railroad copy

It was maybe the  ten. millionth. time. (Mr BB is so prone to exaggeration!) that I asked to stop and take a picture of something.  Some things you just have to stop for.  Such as a pic of the water from the old rickety bridge … you know the sort that has no sides and the planks rattle when you drive over?  Well, just when I was thinking we would probably be shot at then buried in a shallow grave by the fearsome looking locals who were out in force fishing with their six dawgs (each!) and their monster 4WD’s with huge spotties and (oh, pardon my sweeping generalisations) but as they turned as one to stare at us, it just so happened that the song audible from  the window I was hanging a camera out of, was “It’s alright to be a redneck” by Alan Jackson*.

Wasn’t that perfectly opportune? 😛

*(I offer no explanation of why I own that on CD.  Some things are better left a mystery!)

Slaughter Yard


We’ve been in the country.  Deep in the country.

If you don’t count the extensive flooding, and waking to the sound of cows licking the windows at 5am each day, it was a lot of fun.  No, really it was.  I like the country a lot.  Cows… not so much.

Hope you all had a restful time over the break, and that 2011 will be a blessed time of new beginnings.